Sunday, 24 July 2011

Conundrum solution

First sunset
Based on my own observations, a bit of research and some logical thinking, the answer to the conundrum I posed last week is that, at this time of year, the sun sets and rises over Inuvik in the north. The first sunset after two months of 24-hour sun happens slightly to the northwest. A few minutes later, the sun rises a tiny bit to the northeast.

Every day after that, the sun sets a bit further to the west and rises a bit further to the east —until the fall equinox, when the sunsets are as close to due west, and the sunrises as close to due east as they get. After that, the sunsets and sunrises start moving southwest and southeast, respectively. The final, early-December sunset before a month of 24-hour-a-day darkness, is almost due south (but a tiny bit west).

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