Monday, 27 June 2011

Restaurant Review ... and a Correction

Aurora Research Institute
First the correction. It turns out that the huge building-under-construction I thought was the new Aurora Research Institute is actually a new NWT government building. The research centre is a much smaller building; it is finished and fully functional on the inside. Outside is still a bit of a mess.

Now for restaurant review #1 ...

Here's what I wrote about the Café Gallery last time I was here: "It was recommended as having great soups, sandwiches, etc. A nice place to have a cup of coffee. 'Nice' is a stretch - and the staff was surly. Chicken soup, a bun and tea - $10."

Two years later, I have to say the Café Gallery is nice. It has art on the walls, matching chairs and tables, much more space - and the staff was really pleasant! Still, a turkey sandwich and an iced latté cost $15! It was a good sandwich, though.

Other Inuvik points of interest:
* At the library (where I have a temporary borrowing card), no outdoor footwear is allowed. It makes it cozy when everyone is padding around in their socks or bare feet. Ditto for the community college.
* Also at the library, when the phone rings, Dwayne (the manager) answers it, then yells out things like, "Charlie, your dad's outside to pick you up," or "Mona, your mom wants you to pick up milk on the way home."

 * I found another dining establishment, one that's not on the official "Places to Eat in Inuvik" list. It's called Brian's Burger Shack and it is one of those old-style chip trucks that sells, well, burgers and chips ... and poutine of all things. Apparently, Brian also makes chicken burgers (unlike Ready Reds), so I will try it out one of these days.

 * In my In my first week here, I have attended three community feasts and two jigging contests. With Canada Day and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's National Northern Event pending, more feasting and dancing are definitely on the agenda ...

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